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Feedback is not sent in vain. We found out that our customers were hoping for a new feature in Usetrace, which would enable them to develop automated test projects simultaneously among teams. How could projects be shared within a team in a systematic and convenient way? The result was found through cloning.

This new feature, Collaboration, allows a team to work on the same testing project simultaneously. Each team member is editing his or her own trace, but still everyone has access to all the tests and resources. At any point in time, you can pull other team members’ creations to be merged to your own test case. This ensures that the process is hassle-free and still remains quite independent.

So basically, it is all about distributing knowledge. Lets take an example:

john john
2. John finishes his own part, and contacts Kevin to confirm that the comment section is ready.

3. Kevin pulls John’s testing modules and gets all the traces to merge with his, so that now he can manage all the tests for the entire online store.

4. When Kevin finalizes the catalogue all the merged tests are run. Everything works, both old and the new features, and the online store is good to go public.

As a result, with Collaboration all of the assets created become shared knowledge within the Usetrace cloud. The basic idea behind sharing projects under development is to speed up the creation process and releasing new software. Developing traces can be time-consuming but shared knowledge allows us to use similar solutions to similar test cases.

Sharing is also caring; we use the same means to serve our customers better. Our customer service is built on the Collaboration concept, which helps us solve tricky automation problems faster, simply by doing it together.

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