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Software Consultancy, Tarmac, Acquires Finnish SaaS Company, Usetrace, a Software Automation Product

Acquisition enhances Tarmac’s automation service offering, helps companies reach market faster, reducing bottlenecks and increasing quality within the custom software release cycle

MINNEAPOLIS — January 26, 2020 — Global software consultancy, Tarmac, which designs, builds and scales exceptional custom software for companies across multiple industries, today announced its acquisition of assets of European Cloud-based company Usetrace, furthering its commitment to create client efficiencies and enhanced product delivery throughout the software development life-cycle. Headquartered in Finland, Usetrace provides a browser-based, automated user interface testing tool for recording and scripting user flows, called traces, from the perspective of users. The asset acquisition expands Tarmac’s offering to customers, providing additional automation opportunities to further accelerate the software release process by injecting quality into the process rather than testing for it afterwards. This enables products to reach the market faster, more frequently and with higher quality. Usetrace doesn’t require coding or constant updating, making continuous deployment an achievable reality.

Using Usetrace, Tarmac development teams can capture key user flows and test them with continuous integration mirroring the process used for unit, integration, and functional testing exactly. As Usetrace helps reduce time spent on testing, it also allows developer resources to be freed up for other tasks while end-users receive quicker access to the latest services and upgrades. Under this model, the iteration cycles are short, often minutes or hours, instead of days or weeks, and Tarmac is able to eliminate the traditional “over-the-wall” to QA concept entirely.

“The exciting integration of Usetrace and its software automation tools into our software development process allows our clients to even more rapidly accelerate time to market with their product launches, increase productivity, and enhance the quality of their products, said Anthony Schmidt, CEO of Tarmac. “For anyone familiar with a typical QA process, it is often laborious and a frequent bottleneck in the software release cycle, and acquiring Usetrace assets helps create overall efficiency and improve the quality of that experience. Several of our clients have already seen two to five times speed improvements in the ability to ship software since we’ve incorporated Usetrace.”

“Having a great product alone is not enough. Tarmac’s acquisition of Usetrace assets accelerates our joint ability to boost our product development, marketing and online growth. In addition to helping clients to significantly speed up their development, we’ve helped them achieve annual savings of more than a quarter-million dollars. Imagine what we will be able to do futuristically for our clients in collaboration with Tarmac,” said Arto Vuori, Co-Founder of Usetrace, who will continue to serve as a consultant to Tarmac.

Tarmac 10 Approach

Tarmac continues to implement its proven and proprietary “Tarmac 10” best practice software development approach with all clients, while integrating the new Usetrace tool throughout the development process. The Tarmac 10 are ten strategic, outcome-driven, effective practices that build product quality, speed, collaboration, clarity, peer reviews, and regular communication into the process instead of checking for it later, and help mitigate risk throughout the development lifecycle, no matter the scale of the project.

Who We Serve

For nearly a decade, Tarmac and Usetrace have served small, mid-size and Fortune 500 companies across a variety of industries, including FinTech, HealthTech, EdTech, Retail, Logistics and more. Tarmac has proudly partnered with Allina, Flipgrid, GovDocs, IDWorks, Pentair, Pillar and Passare, Spackle and Trusted Herd to produce custom software and mobile applications.

“Our customers receive improvements quicker than before with fewer reported UI bugs. Thanks to the automation, we can focus on testing new features instead of checking old features over and over again. This enhances both testing speed and release quality,” — Teemu Haikala, QA Lead, LeadDesk.

“In mere two days, we built a comprehensive UI test suite with Usetrace, giving ourselves high confidence to change our underlying implementation, without fear of regression,” — Henri Kauppinen, Project Lead, Örum

About Tarmac

Founded in 2010, Tarmac is a global software development company headquartered in Minneapolis with global offices in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil and North Macedonia, that designs, builds and scales award-winning custom web and mobile apps. We combine highly skilled engineers and proven development methods, including our “Tarmac 10” software development approach, to help our clients efficiently deliver higher quality software and exceptional results. We are technology agnostic and leverage a wide array of modern languages including Ruby, Java, Python and Go . We recognize that today’s companies need a software development partner that works efficiently and collaboratively and a partner that remains ahead of the technology curve and consistently brings fresh perspective. Our global team puts the customer experience at the centre of everything we do. To view our case studies, for more information or to get in touch, visit tarmac.io. To see what we’re up to, follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and on our blog, Medium.

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