Coming soon: What is the meaning of working software?

Did you happen to spot a camera crew with an odd looking GoPro set walking around at Slush2015? Here’s a short sneak peek to what we were up to!

At Slush2015 we interviewed some of the top software developers and they kindly shared their insights on all sorts of topics varying from software’s reliability to predictions of its future. Check out the trailer video for our Slush2015 series, which kicks off next week. We’ll keep you posted for new episodes.

Thank you HackerOne, Tellyo, Leadfeeder, Zervant, SPOT-A-SHOP, Solu, Adyen and Holvi for helping us create this series.

In the trailer you can already see a clip from our interview with Kristoffer Lawson, CEO of Solu.

Solu is creating a radically new approach to computers which removes hassle and maintenance headaches, while allowing people and teams to work together fluidly. Users no longer need to install and update applications, or worry about harddrive space and backups, but they can share content and applications freely with one another in organic spaces. They have packaged it into a small pocket device that can be used on the go or connected to an external display.



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