Feedback to Slush from #Slush15

Feedback to Slush organizers to help them improve the event. What do you think about it?


  1. Volunteers were helpful, well organized and got the knowhow
  2. Layout and size of the main floor
  3. Visual production outlook of the main floor
  4. Everything happened on time
  5. Information about the event and the side events easily available
  6. Good location of the pitching stage and excellent audience
  7. Startups were well displayed

To improve

  1. Long queues to restrooms
  2. Long queues to get food that made it sometimes hard to move around
  3. Wireless and mobile phone connectivity had issues
  4. Arranging meetings through could only meet investors, couldn’t state why denying request, pending requests blocked, couldn’t meet anyone when all the meeting tables were booked, only one person from a startup could book meetings

Please leave a comment about your thoughts on the event, thanks!

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