A whole new Usetrace and Slush 2013

Exciting times ahead - it's our time for renewal. We hope to see you at Slush!

We’ve been working long hours improving Usetrace’s stability and more than anything, re-designing the user interface. We want testing your web app to be fast and easy so that you can focus your efforts on developing. As you might have noticed on our front page, we also wanted people to instantly see what Usetrace is all about by allowing anyone to take it for a test drive without registration. Write down the address of your web app and start creating your very first test by using your web app to test a feature.

The startup event of the year in Europe, Slush 2013, is going to be our venue of showcasing what we’ve been building the whole fall. If you subscribe to Usetrace between Wednesday 13th and Thursday 14th of November, you pay only €30/mo for the first three months instead of €100/mo. If you are participating Slush, stop by the Usetrace booth on Wednesday and meet the team in person! Our CEO, Eero Heino, is participating the Slush Pitching competition which starts on Wednesday at nine am. The best way to wish him luck is by tweeting! We’ll be giving more detailed updates during the whole Slush event on twitter, so don’t forget to follow!

Events like Slush really bring out the best in people. Preparing for Slush has been exciting and the team is clearly flourishing under a moderate amount of event pressure. Meeting new people during the event and also in afterparties is invaluable in getting feedback and thoughts as well as networking with other great startups. A bunch the most innovative minds of Finland and Northern Europe are all at Slush!

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