Your webapp is changing fast – how to keep your UI tests up-to-date

We deliver functional test coverage for agile teams and there's no programming needed. Also, we keep introducing new features!

One of the top challenges in UI test automation is that when the UI changes, the tests must be updated as well. Startups iterating fast on ideas and measuring the impact know that having UI tests to back up the releases is a pain in a fast-paced environment. However, the first impression is crucial and without proper testing it is guaranteed to be poor.

Usetrace focuses on delivering great functional test coverage for agile teams without an expensive testing organization. Most of the test building process does not require programming at all. In record-playback tools there is no modularity, therefore recorded tests are not maintainable. Even though you create tests in Usetrace as easily as in record-playback tools, Usetrace is fundamentally different under the hood. Usetrace’s tests, called traces – are modular.

We just released a major feature called chaining. You can imagine your app as a tree. The roots are where users land in, perhaps registering or signing in. After that the user flow branches to different directions. One use case may be to browse for products in a webshop, another to make a search.

Chaining lets you to define the roots, for example signing up, once and continue other use cases from there. This way the common parts work as reusable modules. Now if your signing up process changes, all test cases chaining from it can be fixed by fixing their root.

Check out our concept video explaining how Usetrace works!

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