What is the meaning of working software? Part 3

How important is that the online service you work with is always available for its customers?

At Slush 2015, we had the privilege to interview some of the top software developers from Finland and abroad. They shared their insights on topics varying from software’s reliability and functionality to the importance of a spotless user-experience. Software’s future was also a hot topic, as the interviewees engaged in conversation about the future trends and possibilities in software development. In this third part, our theme is:


In today’s business world it’s the consumers that hold the power. Their behavior and desires heavily influence the actual content of current online services. A once lost customer might never return to your service platform again and in order to top your competition these days, you need to bring new features and improve the user-experience on a regular basis. To elaborate on this issue, we interviewed top developers from LeadFeeder, Spot-a-Shop and Solu about the meaning of user-friendliness in the online business world.

Leadfeeder: 98% of companies that visit your website leave before identifying themselves. Leadfeeder is a tool for B2B companies that enables your sales team to spend less time cold-contacting and more time on companies that are already showing an interest. It works on websites using Google Analytics so getting started requires no script installation, just a few clicks.

SPOT-A-SHOP is the Momondo for Fashion.We bring the best international fashion web stores and all their on sale items together into one destination. We help people to find the best prices and fashion bargains available online. We have approx. 350 000 products, over 3000 top brands and we have the latest on sale items all the time. Never miss a sale!

Solu is creating a radically new approach to computers which removes hassle and maintenance headaches, while allowing people and teams to work together fluidly. Users no longer need to install and update applications, or worry about hard drive space and backups, but they can share content and applications freely with one another in organic spaces. They have packaged it into a small pocket device that can be used on the go or connected to an external display.

Photo by Samuel Zeller.

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