Introducing Usetrace – first end-to-end testing solution in the cloud

Software is not being tried out before it is released to customers. This is the observation we have learned and solving at Usetrace.

This is especially true when it comes to webapps. There’re many features and browsers. To systematically test everything manually before releasing is obviously unfeasible.

What’s typically done is that a specific feature under development is tested but regression testing is omitted.

The outcome is what is seen everywhere: even the simplest web forms are constantly broken. Not to mention more complicated apps.

Test automation from users perspective. Only a few companies are doing it extensively because it has been too difficult and expensive. This is why we have created Usetrace.

Automating webapp testing is hard. The biggest challenges are test case maintenance, test infrastructure maintenance and slow feedback from tests.

Usetrace offers the first complete end-to-end web testing solution in the cloud. You write, maintain and run tests in our web service – everything in one context.

We provide a powerful IDE for creating and maintaining test cases. This is not a record/replay tool which are known not to work. We have created a programmer’s IDE with a real code editor where all the best programming practices, DRY, abstraction, POM, etc. can be applied to make tests that will not rot over time.

We take the best of record/replay world though, the easiness of finding out locators of UI elements from the app under test. In Usetrace you generate high quality locators by using your own app through Usetrace without ever leaving your code editor.

The test infrastructure problem has been solved. Our infrastructure is different because it has been designed for speed. Due to our lightweight but secure sandboxing and some smart tricks, we can provide fresh browsers in under a second.

Speed is everything. The same goes with development cycle. When you change a test, you want to see the result immediately. This is why we have removed test deployment part completely. When you change a test case code, you simply run it and get immediate visual feedback right there without ever leaving the code editor view.

When you change your app, we run all your tests in parallel for you by default. A job taking  days of work if done manually is done in minutes in Usetrace.

We’re taking new users in as fast as possible. Request an invite at

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