What is the meaning of working software? Part 1

How important is that the online service you work with is reliable?

At Slush 2015,  we had the privilege to interview some of the top software experts from Finland and abroad. They shared their insights on topics varying from software’s reliability and functionality to the importance of a spotless user-experience. Software’s future was also a hot topic, as the interviewees engaged in conversation about the future trends and possibilities in software development. In this first part of the series, we focus on:

Security and Reliability

The majority of the services we use today are online. However, the security scandals from recent years have raised concerns regarding the security and reliability of software. What happens if your business depends on this? Software experts Lari Haataja from Holvi, Rami Heiskanen from Zervant, and Mårten Mickos from HackerOne shed light on these implications in our interview at Slush2015.

HackerOne is the first vulnerability management and bug bounty platform. They empower companies to protect consumer data, trust and loyalty by working with the global research community to surface your most relevant security issues.

Holvi is built for starting, running and growing a business. Holvi is a banking service to manage every aspect of a small business from selling online and invoicing customers to managing expenses and automating bookkeeping. Holvi current account comes with Holvi Business MasterCard.

Zervant provides online invoicing software for over 70,000 entrepreneurs and small business owners worldwide. Its main mission is to eliminate the dull admin and paperwork that comes with running your own business.
Photo by Pierrick Le Cuff.

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