To Remain Agile, Automate Testing

Software development needs to be agile but still keep the software stable. This dilemma can be solved with automated testing and with Usetrace you can reap the benefits in no time.

As the current trend in software development is agile, harvesting its benefits can be challenging. One of the challenges developers face in agile, is the software regression when implementing fast iteration cycles. Some of you may be all too familiar with the situation when everybody has to stop what they are doing and start testing, testing, testing so that there wouldn’t be any broken features in your software after an update. This is not the sensible way to ensure working software, creates unnecessary stress and is not in the the spirit of agile.

Manual testing is there for exploratory testing. Something that no current testing software can do for you, yet. But when you want to make sure your money making features are always functioning in the intended way, automate your testing.

There is big selection of testing software for a company or even developer to choose from, but most of them are expensive and require quite a bit of training and tune up to get any real benefit out of them. They take too much time to be a truly viable option for a team or a company that is doing things the agile way. We wanted to make Usetrace stand out in that crowd.

Usetrace is ready to use as well as easy to use, and you can see the benefits of automation almost instantly. With other testing software the sheer amount of maintenance work makes comprehensive testing a seriously time consuming task. We’ve made Usetrace so that test creation and maintenance is done simply and by replicating repetitive behavior in test cases.

We use Usetrace ourselves by running automated tests, checking for software regression, in our test environment after every commit. We also use Usetrace as a monitoring tool by running the same test cases we use in test environment, in production, scheduled to run every hour. Test maintenance is swift and has released the development team to focus on their most important task, developing.

By keeping in mind the needs of an agile development team as well as the company that requires a constantly stable software to ensure its revenues, Usetrace fits for both needs and ensures your software is working as intended. Try it out for yourself and stay tuned for added features and customer stories.

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